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Call of Duty Black Ops IW 09 IWD: What Is It and How to Fix It

If you are a fan of first-person shooter games, you probably have played or heard of Call of Duty Black Ops, one of the most popular titles in the Call of Duty franchise. Released in 2010, this game takes you to various locations and time periods during the Cold War era, where you can engage in covert operations, espionage, and warfare. The game features a single-player campaign mode, a multiplayer mode, and a zombies mode, where you can team up with other players or fight against hordes of undead enemies.

call of duty black ops iw 09 iwd

However, like any other game, Call of Duty Black Ops is not immune to errors and glitches that can ruin your gaming experience. One of the most common and frustrating errors that many players encounter is the IW 09 IWD error, which prevents them from launching or joining certain maps or modes in the game. In this article, we will explain what this error is, what causes it, and how to fix it.

What are IWD files and why are they important?

IWD files are compressed archive files that contain various data and resources for Call of Duty games, such as textures, sounds, models, animations, scripts, and maps. These files are essential for the game to run properly and load different elements on your screen. Without them, you will not be able to play the game at all or enjoy its full features.

The IW 09 IWD file is one of the many IWD files that are part of Call of Duty Black Ops. This file contains data for some of the maps and modes in the game, such as Nuketown, Summit, Firing Range, Array, WMD, Cracked, Havana, Radiation, Jungle, Villa, Crisis, Grid, Launch, Kowloon Stadium (DLC), Berlin Wall (DLC), Discovery (DLC), Ascension (DLC), Five (Zombies), Kino Der Toten (Zombies), Dead Ops Arcade (Zombies), and more.

If this file is missing or corrupted in your game folder, you will not be able to access these maps and modes in the game. You will either get an error message saying "Missing IWD files" or "Could not load image" when you try to launch or join them. Alternatively, you may experience crashes, freezes, lags, or graphical glitches when playing them.

Causes of IW 09 IWD Error

There are several possible reasons why your IW 09 IWD file may be missing or corrupted in your game folder. Some of them are:

  • Installation or update issues: Sometimes, when you install or update your game from a disc or online platform such as Steam or Origin, some files may not be downloaded or copied correctly due to network problems, disk errors, or insufficient space. This can result in incomplete or damaged files that can cause errors in your game.

  • Modding or hacking the game files: Some players like to modify or hack their game files to change certain aspects of the game such as graphics, gameplay, weapons, characters, etc. However, this can also cause problems if done incorrectly or without proper backup. Modding or hacking can overwrite or delete some original files that are needed for the game to function normally.

  • Virus or malware infection: Another possible cause of missing or corrupted files is virus or malware infection on your computer. Some malicious programs can infect your system and target your game files for deletion or alteration. This can compromise your game's integrity and performance.

Solutions for IW 09 IWD Error

Fortunately, there are some solutions that you can try to fix the IW 09 IWD error and restore your game's functionality. Here are some of them:

Verify integrity of game files

The first thing you should do if you encounter this error is to verify the integrity of your game files. This means checking if all your game files are present and intact in your game folder. If any file is missing or corrupted, it will be replaced by a new one from the online source.

If you have installed your game from Steam or Origin platforms then follow these steps:

  • Open Steam/Origin client on your computer.

  • Go to Library/My Game Library section.

  • Right-click on Call of Duty Black Ops and select Properties/Game Properties.

  • Go to Local Files/Advanced tab.

  • Click on Verify Integrity Of Game Files/Verify Game option.

  • Wait for the process to complete.

  • Restart your computer and launch your game again.

If you have installed your game from a disc then follow these steps:

  • Insert your disc into your computer's drive.

  • Open My Computer/This PC on your desktop.

  • Right-click on your disc drive icon and select Open/Autoplay.

  • Click on Setup.exe file and follow the instructions on screen.

  • Select Repair option when prompted.

  • Wait for the process to complete.

  • Eject your disc and restart your computer.

  • Launch your game again.

Reinstall the game

If verifying integrity of game files does not work then you may need to reinstall your game completely. This means uninstalling your current version of the game and installing a new one from scratch. This can help fix any issues that may have occurred during installation or update process.

However before you do this make sure you backup your game data and settings such as save files profiles screenshots etc. You can find them in these locations:

  • C:\Users\YourUserName\Documents\Call Of Duty Black Ops

  • C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Local\Activision\CoDWaW\players

To reinstall your game follow these steps:

  • Open Control Panel/Settings on your computer.

  • Go to Programs/Apps & Features section.

  • Select Call Of Duty Black Ops from the list and click on Uninstall/Uninstall button.

  • Follow the instructions on screen to complete uninstallation process.

Delete any remaining folders related to Call Of Duty Black Ops from these locations:

  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Call Of Duty Black Ops

  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Call Of Duty Black Ops

  • Restart your computer.

  • Install a new version of Call Of Duty Black Ops from Steam/Origin/disc following their respective instructions.

  • Paste back your backed up data and settings into their original locations.

  • Launch your game again.

Download the missing or corrupted file from a trusted source

If none of the above solutions work then you may need to download the missing or corrupted IW 09 IWD file from a trusted source online. There are some websites that offer free downloads of various IWD files for Call Of Duty games such as . However be careful when downloading any file from unknown sources as they may contain viruses or malware that can harm your computer.


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