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Alastor Turned On By Failure !

After the World Cup was through, Barty launched the Dark Mark into the sky over the campgrounds in reaction to the free Death Eaters making sport of Muggles. His anger stemmed from their lack of initiative in finding their master, which he learned to do and yet was unable. Ministry officials fired multiple Stunning Spells through the woods, criscrossing the area where Barty and Winky had been, rendering them both unconscious and breaking the spell Winky had used to bind Barty to her in the chaos. Winky was dismissed for being found with Harry's wand, which was proven to have produced the Dark Mark, as well as her guardianship being proven unreliable due to Crouch Jr. acquiring a wand and nearly escaping. Crouch Sr. found his son's unconscious body behind the bushes, and recasted the Imperius Curse on him after the other officials left, and the two returned home.

Alastor Turned on by Failure !

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When Harry escaped the graveyard and returned to Hogwarts, Crouch ushered him away from the panicking crowd to interrogate him about Voldemort's return. He revealed to Harry that it was he all along who guided him through the Tournament; he put his name in the Goblet of Fire, got Hagrid to show the dragons, explained the Golden Egg to Diggory knowing he would tell Harry, bewitched Krum and stunned Fleur. Barty then planned on killing Harry and be honored above the rest of Voldemort's followers. But before he could, Dumbledore, accompanied by McGonagall and Snape, fired a Stunner at him, having realized that he was not Moody when he removed Harry from his sight, his one slip-up. After the Polyjuice Potion wore off, Crouch confessed everything to Dumbledore under the influence of Veritaserum.[5]

Winky the house-elf was extremely loyal to the Crouch family, to the point of surpassing the mere house-elf's magical binding. She took care of Crouch Jr. when he was smuggled out of Azkaban, and became his carer and keeper. She was extremely devoted to this duty, and was very motherly towards him, asking his father to reward him occasionally for good behavior (even though it was no more than a by-product of the Imperius Curse). Winky spent months to persuade Crouch Sr. to let his son attend the 1994 Quidditch World Cup, and tried to suppress her acrophobia in order to keep an eye on the hidden convict. This all proved how much she loved him, despite his crimes. She was devastated when she was dismissed for failure, and became horrified when she heard of how Crouch Jr. killed his father.

Barty helped Harry with the Tasks of the Triwizard Tournament, because he had turned the Triwizard Cup into a Portkey in order to finalize the plan to resurrect Voldemort and eliminate Harry once and for all. When Harry and Cedric Diggory touched it, they were transported to the Little Hangleton graveyard. Cedric was killed by Peter Pettigrew, while Harry fought Voldemort and escaped. After that, Barty attempted to kill Harry, but failed, being caught by Albus Dumbledore, Severus Snape and Minerva McGonagall. Barty told them the story of his imprisonment, his escape and his return to Lord Voldemort (he was under veritaserum at the time). He also told them that Voldemort would honor him as none other Death Eater. After that, Harry learned that Barty was given the Dementor's Kiss.

In 1995, after Harry Potter returned to Hogwarts from the Little Hangleton graveyard, Barty told Dumbledore that he would go along with Harry in his office, to help him relax. In fact, Barty wanted to kill Harry and learn what had happened at the Graveyard. Dumbledore realized that he wasn't the real Moody, knowing that the real Moody would never have removed Harry from Dumbledore's sight after recent events, and ran at Barty's office. Dumbledore stunned Barty at the time the latter was going to kill Harry. Harry noted that Dumbledore's eyes seemed like having a blue flame, and Harry realized why Dumbledore was considered as the greatest wizard of all time. Dumbledore was disgusted by Barty's patricide, and bound him up for it. After Barty's exposure, Dumbledore learned that he was given the Dementor's Kiss.

With Aleister resolving to take action against the Golden Dawn for the sake of his future daughter, Allan talked of how those who would survive being struck down by Aleister's power in the coming war would be cursed to live a life where every choice they made would end in failure. Allan warned Aleister that if he was to curse and destroy the Golden Dawn, he would eventually have to turn the fangs he bared towards them on himself and swallow the poison he had concocted, bearing the same fate as those he had cursed. He also warned him that he could choose to compromise, but if he did then his feelings would grow dull and rusted, and his vengeance would lose its purity. Having given Aleister everything that he needed and with Aleister understanding the consequences, Allan told Aleister to kill him, as he too was a member of the Golden Dawn. Aleister reluctantly complied, shooting his teacher in the head with a Spiritual Tripping flintlock gun. Allan didn't resist, telling his friend to take care with his last words.[19]

He then turned his attention to Mathers who had witnessed Westcott's death. After Mathers argued that he could have remade his daughter as many times as necessary, Aleister threw the arrow at him. Mathers managed to repel and destroy it, at the cost of his arm and many of his symbolic weapons. However in focusing on protecting himself from the arrow, he made the fatal mistake of not paying attention to his real enemy, Aleister, who took advantage of the opening and struck the self-styled highlander down with a claymore manifested through Spiritual Tripping, bringing his curse down upon him. As Aleister expressed his anger and sorrow at not only his daughter's future death but also the tragedies filling the world and how people give up rather than stand against them, Mathers managed to set off a few more explosions at point-blank range, but ultimately Aleister was the one left standing. Having destroyed the leaders of the Golden Dawn, Aleister declared that he would wipe out all magic, shatter every last phase and put an end to all mysticism, remaking the world where people accept these tragedies as mere cruel coincidences and bury them saying they can't be helped, and bringing back the pure world where people aren't manipulated without their knowledge.[8]

The conflict ignited by Aleister, along with the deaths and cursing of the founders and many other members, caused the Golden Dawn's collapse, though it was not a clear and decisive end. The large organization broke apart into many smaller cabals claiming to be its successor, but they all declined and none of them reclaimed the Golden Dawn's former glory. Many people would attempt to revive the Golden Dawn but all of those attempts were doomed to failure, just as foretold. Aleister spent a long time afterwards hunting down the remnants.[21][8]

Lilith's death was the beginning of Aleister's fall, a trigger great enough for the "human" to hate and curse the destiny of the entire world.[20] Thoroughly giving up on the laws which he had cursed since childhood,[20][8] Aleister sought to strike back against that which had taken his daughter and torn his family apart. He continued to plot the destruction of the phases and all magic, in order to free humanity from their influence, believing he would only then have truly fulfilled his duty as a father.[20][8][8] Unknown to Aleister however, Aiwass had intervened when he possessed Rose's body and taken steps while Lilith was in the womb to ensure that her essence would be taken to the safety of another phase until circumstances would allow her to survive when returned.[28]

The entity that appeared before him during this experiment was the demon known as Coronzon. Unknown to Aleister, this demon had been previously summoned by Mathers during the downfall of the Golden Dawn and given one command; to pretend to have been summoned by Aleister Crowley and then guide him to ruin.[29][9] Not contained within the existing Qliphoth, Coronzon broke through Aleister's attempts to bind it and temporarily hijacked his body as an avatar. Fortunately for Aleister, he was using his apprentice, Victor Neuburg, as a breaker in the ritual. The breaker functioned perfectly and the demon was driven away.[30][29][9] Though he likely gave up crossing the abyss after this event,[31] this spectacular failure apparently got him more fired up, not knowing the truth behind the encounter.[32]

On December 1st 1947, Aleister's pursuers were closing in on him in the British countryside.[46][24][8] Having hunted down every last magician of the Golden Dawn, in accordance with the rules he had set when he had destroyed the cabal, he turned his own blade on himself, and received the curse of failure,[8][25] collapsing like a burst bag. To most of the world, this was where he died.[8][2][25][46][24]

Around this time, Aleister also developed the master plan which he would follow for more than 50 years afterwards. Having experienced failure before and now being cursed to suffer it, Aleister devised his plan, modeled after his own Thelema, the will within his soul, so that regardless of success and failure at any step along the way, events would ultimately proceed in one direction towards fulfilling his goal.[12][21][9] One of the main elements in this plan was the Imagine Breaker, which Aleister had lost when the arrow which held it was destroyed in 1900. In order to draw it in once it resurfaced, Aleister modeled Academy City's set-up after the Thelema of the wielder yet to be born, such that it would become an environment in which the Imagine Breaker would thrive.[48] Additionally, Aleister's life-support system gave him an estimated 1700 years of extended lifespan in which to carry out this plan.[49][50][46][51] At some point, Aleister would have the Windowless Building constructed as both a base[51][52] and a ship that would allow him to reach outer space for the final stages of the plan.[53][21][54] 041b061a72


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