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Sony Vegas Pro 12 Free Download: A Portable Version of a Powerful Video Editing Software

It's more than just an advanced video editor - Vegas Pro 12 can also produce titles, logos, titles and...all sorts of electronic content! The Vegas Creator suite of tools can generate SRT subtitles, logos, iTunes-compatible titles, AE comps, titles, as well as DVD menus, which you can burn to a disc or publish directly to the web. You can even add a DVD Authoring menu at the end of your video with multiple options like setting a custom scene background, displaying time codes or titles on the menu, etc.

sony vegas pro 12 portable 32 bit


Be sure to visit this site and learn about our featured titles, news articles, featured videos, tutorials, beta programs, technology previews, and upcoming events. Once you've started using Vegas Pro, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it. Take advantage of the many advanced features and the excellent organization and performance of Vegas Pro to quickly turn your ideas into finished projects. The final result can be a great deal of fun for family and friends, and you can take full advantage of Vegas Pro 12 features to create amazing, eye-catching 3D titles and stereoscopic 3D projects.

The standards for many of these features and functions are universal. With support for PS3 game hardware, including features that aren't found on its predecessors, Vegas Pro 12 for PlayStation 3 is not only an upgrade to the previous version, it's an upgrade to the entire Vegas Pro line. The UI looks more like that of the Vegas Studio package, and when you create a new title, you can be sure your creation will be saved in the correct format for each different device. You can add anaglyphic 3D features, create a 3D project, or take advantage of the improved 2D tools such as copy and rotate to enhance your creations. Vegas Pro 12 also includes the ability to share your work with hundreds of compatible camcorders.


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