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Christian Morgan
Christian Morgan Hack: HAL 9000, the GNU/Linux Drawing Bot

One of the things I have noticed so far whilst using the Auto Draw hack on is that it works faster with simple images like clip art and it draws best with chrome maximized. So if you are already itching to get your hands on it, then jump in here or here and download the AutoDraw hack for free.

hal 9000 hack download

Download apk:

Now without beating around the bush, simply click here or here to download Auto Guesser hack and then read on to see a vivid instruction on how to install it.

To get this one going, simply head over to Tampermonkey page and click on the Add to Chrome button followed by Add extension. Once this is done, simply close the tab upon seeing the Remove from Chrome text.Next up, head over to the Auto Guesser hack page within github and scroll all the way down then click on the URL under Installation.From the next page, click Install to initiate the download. The tab should close once this is done.Now fire up and click on the Activate Skribbler button.


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