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Yahoo Gmail [BETTER]

When people's responses went to my gmail address I assumed I'd sent it from gmail. but I realise now that this always happens! Just recently an important email arrived to my gmail address when I knew it shouldn't have.I do receive a lot of emails to my yahoo address, it's just responses to an email from my yahoo address that come to my gmail address

yahoo gmail

Thank you Bruce. Although your suggestions didn't help directly, they made me look at the account settings. I had the default outgoing server for the yahoo account as the google one. When I set the accounts up that appeared to work, but as I now realise it made the emails sent from my yahoo account appear as if they had come from my google account.

For example, if everyone emails me at, that should remain my main email address. But every time I'm giving my address to someone who might spam me, I give them

Then, in my gmail, I can create a folder for all mail sent to, and automatically star, or archive, or delete those notes. You can also use extra periods to sign up for a second account on a website without creating or using a new email address.

This trick also works with the + symbol, which can be used in any email address to create even more alternative addresses. "For example, if your name was, you could send mail to or," Google explains on a help page.

I have done this but recently i notice yahoo has stopped get my gmail. I have attempted to Reauthorize my mailboxs within yahoo but that seem to only have work the first few time now i Reauthorize mailbox every morning but still have not seen new Gmail emails in my yahoo and have been forced back to use Gmail interface

if i could take a cyber switch and kill it, i would. It is the bane of my existence and my employer lets a stupid arrogant a**hole control what we use and he is worse than useless. He is a craptastic excuse for a human being like yahoo bizmail is a craptastic excuse for a business email system. it sucks. AVOID.

I have discussed the best possible solutions to transfer Yahoo mail to Gmail. The manual techniques, as well as the automated tool, have been described in detail. The manual method sometimes fails to forward emails from Yahoo Mail to Gmail. Then you must opt for the professional solution to save your time and energy. The professional methods also help you to export Yahoo mail folders to another yahoo account. I hope it helps to resolve your query.

My theory is that the yahoo server does a lousy job when it tries to balance between the user convenience and security. The server is too sensitive to "suspicious" login attempt, and didn't have a better way to offer CAPTCHA validation with the gmail login.

A way that I can think of to accomplish this, would be using conditional logic in order to hide the submit button (so the form cannot be submitted) if the entered email address contains the word "gmail" or "yahoo"

I sent teams group invite to Gmail user to access our teams channel from his Gmail account, user received notification but can't login because page redirected for MS login id password. if MS id and password is must for guest users who are from Gmail or yahoo then how they will access teams channel? if MS is not allowing to login through Gmail id and password then notification should not send to gmail account for Guest user. How Gmail user will redeem teams guest access?

In most cases, people who use a Gmail address are not maliciously trying to spoof Gmail or deceive recipients into thinking they are someone they are not. Still, trying to send from through a mail server that Gmail has not authorized is, well, not authorized.

Hello Jesin,I believe I have used your tutorial before. I am revisiting it in 2019, to see if the gmail portion needs updating. I have followed the example closely, but the message I received indicates:

You signing out of your accounts should have not effect on gmail pulling your email into their inbox. For the att/yahoo account in question can you log into it without any problems? If so, and you are still getting errors from gmail, then I believe you set the email address or password incorrectly so recheck it.

You set this stuff up in gmail's settings, "Accounts & Import". But are you trying to do their "Import mail and contacts" or "Check mail from other accounts"? If I recall I think one (or both) of them is going to cause that att/yahoo email account to put up a dialog asking you to give permission for gmail to access it the first time. So you really should be logged into the att/yahoo account when you do this initially to give that permission. If gmail doesn't get the acknowledgement it's going to error out.

Note, these kind of accesses are done as if gmail was a email client app configured as POP and as such will see only see the target inbox since that is all a POP client can access. I never tried either of those "Accounts & Import" options in gmail so I don't know if it asks you to access as IMAP or not as an option. If it does then it would fetch all the target mailboxes and create those mailboxes in your gmail account, not just copy over the inbox contents as a POP client.

"For the att/yahoo account in question can you log into it without any problems?" Yes, I can log into my mail from Windows/Chrome/AT&T - Yahoo and also from the Yahoo app on a Samsung phone, both before and after getting the subject error.

"If so, and you are still getting errors from gmail, then I believe you set the email address or password incorrectly so recheck it." In my attempts to get around this, I have tried to initiate the backup maybe 15 times. The way Google Import Mail and Contacts works is that it asks the user to independently login to Yahoo first rather than providing those credentials to gmail. So there is absolute confirmation of a successful login to Yahoo mail.

If I recall I think one (or both) of them is going to cause that att/yahoo email account to put up a dialog asking you to give permission for gmail to access it the first time. No, as stated above, the gmail dialog asks the user to login to Yahoo independently before proceeding. As an aside, I successfully used this process a couple of days ago to back up another Yahoo email account.

I never tried either of those "Accounts & Import" options in gmail so I don't know if it asks you to access as IMAP or not as an option. No option is given for POP vs IMAP. No mention is made of either in the error message. I looked for the option to enable POP on the Yahoo side, but apparently that option has been taken away. I assume POP and IMAP are always enabled. For what I'm trying to do - backup my mail - POP should be fine. (Not that I don't fear that AT&T would loose it - actually that's exactly why I'm backing it up.)

You shouldn't have to tell the att/yahoo webmail whether it's being access as by a POP or IMAP client so no setting is needed. But there is an option to pass any received spam to the POP client. You didn't see it since it's only shown in the classic (basic) email layout (gear settings -> more settings -> switch to classic mail, but this is off topic so forget about it).

"Or am I a little confused in that you say you log into to your yahoo account and then when you start the gmail fetch no dialog appears in the yahoo webmail to allow gmail to access the yahoo account?" It seems to work either way. If I log into Yahoo first and then start the fetch from gmail, I get no prompt to log in - it goes directly to the "authorization failed: message. But if I start the fetch without first logging in, a Yahoo login dialog is presented - which explains what you are remembering. Another observation I just remembered - each attempt to start a fetch results in an email being placed in my Yahoo inbox stating "Your Yahoo account [email address] was just used to sign in on ShuttleCloud Migration. If you did this, then you're all set." It's a security check. ShuttleCloud Migration is the intermediary Google uses to effect the transfer. So apparently all the parts are getting connected, but authorization fails. Good suggestion to try logging in to gmail with a secure mail key. I'll give that a try tomorrow. I think security is making our lives difficult - but we can't live without it.

If you can't figure this out, get tired of waiting for that other transfer to finish, give up on letting gmail "doing you a favor" and just do the transfer yourself! Set up an email client (pick your favorite - if you don't have one Thunderbird and Outlook are two popular clients), configure two IMAP accounts in it, one for your yahoo account and one for your gmail account. Once the yahoo IMAP account is set up it will get populated with all the folders (not just the inbox) from your yahoo account. After that is done, in the client copy all the folders (or contents for the predefined folders like inbox) to the gmail account in your email client. That will populate the corresponding folders on gmail. The time for all this may still take a while depending on the number of emails in those folders. But at least in are mostly in control of these transfer and not dpending on some mysterious 3rd party transfer agent.

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